Quality from Bavaria,
potatoes for wholesale and individual customers.


Fresh potatoes
from the farm

Our main focus in potato cultivation is not on a large yield, but on a distinct potato flavor. On approximately 100 hectares of fertile farmland in the heart of Lower Bavaria, we grow a wide range of potato varieties and market them directly after harvesting and preparation. The short distances guarantee freshness and high quality for our customers.


Yellow & red onions,
directly from the grower

In order to treat the tasty bulbs as gently as possible, we focus on handwork. Thus we can guarantee the highest quality of onions. On approximately 40 hectares, we grow several onion varieties and early and late season onions, which we market all year round. Harvest-fresh winter onions are available from June, the marketing of the September harvest takes place in the winter months.


Esterl & Loibl vegetable cultivation

Rely on taste and a good name when buying potatoes.


Esterl & Loibl vegetable cultivation,
the El Dorado for potato gourmets

Whether earthy, spicy or creamy in taste. Whether waxy or floury. Our assortment of potatoes is huge and offers the right tuber for every taste and every potato or onion dish. Our customers are wholesalers, retail chains, restaurants and individual customers all over Germany and beyond. With our own transport fleet we deliver directly to neighbouring countries such as Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Austria and many other EU countries. Our customers have relied on our quality products from a healthy and sustainable agriculture for more than 30 years.

Taste and quality

Our business in raw product and vegetable cultivation is subject to the strictest conditions, controls and international food standards, which we always gladly fulfil for our own interest. We are certified to GLOBALG.A.P. and "geprüfte Qualität Bayern" (certified quality of Bavaria).


Supplying vegetables from Bavaria to North Germany and all over the world

For more than three decades, we have been supplying wholesale companies such as EDEKA, but also individual customers. In other words, whether you order 1000 tonnes or 1kg of potatoes and onions, you will always get high quality food.


Which is your favorite type of potato?

The good old table potatoes and classics or rather the modern, young varieties and gourmet potatoes? The best way to find out is to try the wide range of our vegetables.

In our large potato range you will find many famous varieties such as:
Sieglinde, Bernina, Annabelle, Sunita, but also less famous potatoes like:
Krone, Nobless, Jelly, Challenger and many more.
You have the choice of more than 16 different delicious varieties.

  • satisfied customers for more than 30 years
  • sustainable cultivation of vegetables
  • high-quality food
  • deliveries worldwide
  • certified quality
  • training company

Esterl & Loibl vegetable cultivation

Short distances. Direct marketing. Guaranteed freshness.